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Anuvasana Basti

Basti is one of the classical detoxification (Panchakarma) therapies and indicated in all vata disorders.
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Basti is one of the classical detoxification (Panchakarma) therapies and indicated in all vata disorders. Anuvasana basti or oil enema is a type of Basti, wherein medicated oils /ghritams are used as the main ingredient to administer as enema. It helps to lubricate and nourish lower gastrointestinal tract (large intestine). It cleans the colon and rejuvenates its function.

Benefits of Anuvasana Basti Therapy:

  • The colon holds a central role within the body in absorbing nutrients and eliminating wastes. Cleansing the colon directly not only relieves symptoms of disease, it has the capacity to reverse disease by removing its underlying cause (i.e. toxins) and facilitating the absorption of health-promoting nutrients
  • Basti therapy is considered to be responsible for 50% of the healing effect of a Panchakarma treatment program. All the other treatments together account for the other 50% and are also required in preparation for Basti therapy.
  • The herbs used in Basti therapy can be tailored to address a wide variety of specific symptoms. They can also be used to repair and build tissue and nourish every part of the body.
  • Some of the specific conditions in which Basti therapy is indicated include stress, menstrual disorders, neuro-muscular disorders and diseases of the nervous system such as chronic fatigue, depression and insomnia, chronic constipation, lower back pain, sciatica, PMS, endometriosis, infertility and osteoporosis.
  • Highly effective in addressing acute skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis as well as rheumatism, gout and arthritis.
  • Excellent preventative treatment to avoid toxins that are accumulated in the digestive tract from migrating to other parts of the body. Also an excellent step to prepare the body for pregnancy (for both men and women).
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